Tournament Rules

The tournament rules are as follows:

3rd – 7th grade: All teams will have two 12 minute halves.

8th grade: All teams will have 14 minute halves.

Three time-outs per game.

OVERTIME: Each overtime period will be three minutes in length. One additional time-out will be granted for each overtime period. Previous time-outs are carried over to each overtime period.

BONUS: The one and one bonus will occur on the tenth team foul for each half.

15 POINT RULE: A team may not press if they are winning by 15 or more points.

3rd grade – all teams: Last one minute of the game and last one minute of overtime.
4th grade – all teams: Last quarter of the game and overtime.
5th and 6th grade – all teams: Second half of the game and overtime.
7th and 8th grade – all teams: Whole game and overtime.

Technical Fouls: Two shots and the ball.

Two Technicals on same Player or Coach: Player or Coach must leave the gym.

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